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K-INBRE award winner Dr. Li Lei

Congratulations to Dr. Li Lei, postdoc in the Toomajian lab, for a successful postdoctoral award application to K-INBRE (the Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence). The award is a 1 year mentored award that can serve the purpose of supporting the initiation of new postdoctoral research projects or assisting in the transition from a post-doc position to early investigator status. K-INBRE is an NIH program designed to strengthen the ability of Kansas researchers to compete for NIH funds, and supports research related to Cell and Developmental Biology in particular.


Li's proposal, titled "Polyadenylation site usage variation and its genetic basis in Arabidopsis," aims to identify the genes in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana which have transcript polyadenylation sites that vary by genotype, and to understand the genetic basis of this variation. Organisms use polyadenylation of transcripts to help regulate gene expression, so knowledge of this process in an experimental model system can be translated to other plants with agricultural relevance or to human disease. 


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