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2010 Alerts

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 July 21

Tomato Diseases
Crown Rot of Hosta, Bugleweed
Soybean Stem Canker
Hot Topics from the Diagnostic Lab

July 08

Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings 2010


June 30

Brown Patch in Turfgrass

Slime Molds

Gray Leaf Spot Alert

Foliar Diseases of Soybeans

Pine Wilt in the News


June 16

♦  Digital Photos - We love 'em but watch the quality and file size

♦  Diagnostic Lab Reports & Invoices in July

May 25

♦  April showers bring May flowers, and what do May showers bring? Root problems.

♦  Does my Ash Tree have Chicken Pox?

♦  Fireblight in crabapples and flowering pear.

♦  Fescue Endophyte Survey - It's not too late to participate! 

May 13

♦  Lightning: the ultimate abiotic injury

♦  Summer Patch

♦  Powdery mildew in turf

♦  Rust Update in Kansas

♦  Window of opportunity for wheat fungicides 

♦  Be Watchful of Cold Weather Problems on Corn

April 30

♦  Risk of Fusarium Headblight in Kansas

♦  Rust Update from Kansas

 April 22

♦  Wheat Disease Update 

Mystery Zone of Turf Grass Death

April 19

♦  It's So Galling!

♦  Wheat Disease Update 

April 5

♦  Growing Healthy: Inspect Before You Buy

♦  Cedar Apple Rust

♦  Speaking of Apples:  Apple Scab

♦  Wheat Disease Update

March 24

Speaking of Pine Diseases...

New Guide for Home Fruit

Wheat Leaf Rust and Stripe Rust on the Move in Texas

March 15

Thatch and Winterkill

Pine Diseases

Potential for Overwintering Leaf Rust

Odd but Interesting Rose Disease

Book Review - Home, Yard & Garden Pest Guide, 2008 edition (Circular C1391-08)

January 29

Snow Molds in Lawn

♦ Corn Nematode Issue