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Research Assistant/Associate Positions
Research Assistant/Associate
  • Research Associate – Post Doc in Genome Bioinformatics (Liu Lab):
    Sanzhen Liu’s laboratory seeks a highly motivated candidate interested in multiple projects related to genetics and genomics of plants and microorganisms.  Responsible for: analyzing next-gen sequencing data, at least including genome assembly and RNA-Seq analysis; mining genomic data to develop biological hypotheses; testing hypothesis via computational approaches and/or working as part of a team to design/perform wet-lab experiments; preparing manuscripts for publication. 
    For more information, contact Plant Pathology.  Contact phone:785-532-6176
    Available date: 10/01/2014 Position open for application, Closing date: 11/01/2014  
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  • Research Technician/Lab Manager (Akhunov Lab):
    Research Technician / Lab Manager will be expected to manage the laboratory inventory of seeds and DNA and RNA samples, place orders for reagents and laboratory/greenhouse supplies to maintain stocks, help postdoctoral researchers and graduate students with field, greenhouse or laboratory experiments. The person will perform laboratory experiments including but not limited to RNA and DNA isolation, RNA and DNA quantification and quality analyses, and PCR. Greenhouse duties will involve planting seeds, maintaining plants, ordering and preparing greenhouse supplies. Provide training to graduate and undergraduate students in laboratory and greenhouse procedures. Maintain detailed records of conducted experiments. 
    For more information, contact .  Contact phone:785-532-6176
    Available date: 12/01/2014 Position open for application, until filled.  
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  • Research Associate (Stack Laboratory):
    Conduct laboratory research (design and execute experiments, analyze and interpret data) using modern molecular and microbiological technologies and procedures (e.g., DNA sequence analysis, PCR, qPCR, isothermal amplification, etc.). Research will include the development of population-specific detection and diagnostic protocols for an array of target pathogens including plant pathogenic fungi (e.g., Fusarium proliferatum and F. verticillioides) and bacteria. Limited field work may be involved to collect samples and conduct pathogen surveys. Limited research within a BSL-3 biocontainment laboratory may also be required. Maintain laboratory in operational mode (safety, supplies, equipment maintenance, some guidance to students).  Written and oral presentation of research results (scientific journals, scientific meetings, departmental seminars) is required. Contribute to an environment that fosters diversity, collegiality and ability to work in a multicultural setting.
    For more information, contact Plant Pathology.  Contact phone:785-532-6176
    Available date: 09/29/2014 Position open for application, Closing date: 09/22/2014  
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