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Research Assistant/Associate Positions
Research Assistant/Associate
  • Research Associate (Dr. Friebe's Lab):
    We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Kansas Wheat Innovation Lab and Wheat Genetics Resource Center at Kansas State University.  The individual will conduct original and innovative research in wheat genetics, with emphasis on cytoplasmic male sterility and the mapping of fertility restoration genes in bread wheat.  The research associate will lead preparation of scientific manuscripts reporting research methodology, results and interpretations. The candidate must be able to work in a multi-cultural setting and create an environment that fosters collegiality, diversity and teamwork.
    For more information, contact .  Contact phone:785-532-6176
    Available date: 03/01/2015 Position open for application, until filled.  
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  • Associate Scientist (Dr. Poland's Lab):
    This postdoctoral scientist will lead physiology and genomics approaches to characterize novel germplasm developed through the Wheat Genetics Resource Center Industry/Kansas State University Collaborative Research Center.  The Associate Scientist will be expected to independently design and implement complex physiology and genomics research experiments.  The position will require synthesis of the current state-of-the-art in the discipline, comprehensive understanding of appropriate experimental design and subsequent analysis.  Research results must be assessed and analyzed in a cohesive and coherent manner, and presented to stakeholders.  The associate scientist is expected to lead preparation and publication of peer-review manuscripts that present research findings from the project.
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    Available date: 04/01/2015 Position open for application, until filled.  
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