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Plant Pathology
White, Frank
Designation Professor
On Campus Address : 4017B Throckmorton
Kansas State University
Department of Plant Pathology
Manhattan KS 66506-5502
Phone(s) : 785-532-1362
Fax : 785-532-5692
E-mail : fwhite@ksu.edu
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B.S. Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin, 1974
M.S. Microbiol/Immunology, University of Washington, 1978
Ph.D. Microbiol/Immunology, University of Washington, 1981
Selected Publications

Chen, L-Q, Hou, B-H,1, Lalonde, S, Takanaga, H, Hartung, M, Qu, X-Q, Guo, W-J, Kim, J-G, Underwood, W, Chaudhuri, B, Cherma, D, Antony, G, White, FF, Somerville,S, Mudgett, MB, and Frommer, WB. 2010. A novel class of sugar transporters essential for intercellular transport and nutrition of pathogens. Nature 468:527-532.


Antony, G., Zhou, J., Huang, S., Li, T., Liu, B., White, F., and Yang, B.  2010  xa13 recessive resistance to bacterial blight is defeated by the induction of disease susceptibility gene Os-11N3.  Plant Cell (online)10.1105/tpc.110.078964.