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Plant Pathology
Bockus, William
Designation Professor, Chair of Plant Pathology Graduate Student Selection Committee
On Campus Address : 4733 Throckmorton
Kansas State University
Department of Plant Pathology
Manhattan KS 66506-5502
Phone(s) : 785-532-1378
Fax : 785-532-5692
E-mail : bockus@ksu.edu
Area(s) of
: Fungal diseases of wheat
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B.S. Biology, University of California, Irvine, 1972
M.S. Biology, California State University, Long Beach, 1974
Ph.D. Plant Pathology , University California, Davis, 1978
Selected Publications
Kim, D., Jeannotte, R., Welti, R., and Bockus, W. W.  2013.  Lipid profiles in wheat cultivars resistant and susceptible to tan spot and the effect of disease on the profiles.  Phytopathology 103:74-80
Willyerd, K. T., Li, C., Madden, L. V., Bradley, C. A., Bergstrom G. C., Sweets, L. E., McMullen, M., Ransom, J. K., Grybauskas, A., Osborne, L., Wegulo, S. N., Hershman, D. E., Wise, K., Bockus, W. W., Groth, D., Dill-Mackey, R., Milus, R., Esker, P. D., Waxman, K. D., Adee, E. A., Ebelhar, S. E., Young, B. D., and Paul, P. A. 2012. Efficacy and stability of integrating fungicide and cultivar resistance to manage Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol in wheat.  Plant Dis. 96:957-967.